After busy mornings, the pace in the afternoon slows down to allow the children to rest and regain their strength.

We offer 2 Afternoon Programs which are based on the needs of children of different ages.

Please note that we do not provide meal service.

Afternoons for Pre-school (3-4 year olds) 12:00pm to 3:15pm

We start the afternoon with a bathroom break. Then everyone sits down with their lunch box at the table which is already set with dishes, cutlery and a placemat. We begin the meal with a song or rhyme; and, at the end of the meal, each child brings her dishes to the sink and puts away her placemat. After another bathroom break, the group has Circle Time for quiet finger-play or a story.

Each child has his own space for nap-time, with a blanket from the home, where he can rest and re-energize. The children fall asleep to the sound of a melody played on a lyre or a soothing lullaby sung by the gardener. After the nap, around 2:45pm, the children quietly put away their little beds. It is then time for a little game, drawing or quiet play until it is time to go home.

Children still present after 3:15 pm will be brought to the Extended Day Program.

Afternoons for Kindergarten (4-5 year olds) 12:00pm to 3:15pm

We begin by welcoming children from the various morning groups, and each one prepares a place for napping. Next, we set the table with placemats, bowls, cups and cutlery (and lunchboxes). Then we sing a song or rhyme before sharing the meal with joy, respect and calm. At the end of lunch, it is time to tidy up and to do the dishes. Each day there is a rotation of tasks for the children: washing or drying dishes; cleaning the table and putting away the placemats; sweeping and putting away the chairs; putting away lunch boxes. This is done in a light-hearted spirit in which the children have the opportunity to move and converse amongst themselves while working.

Then it is time for rest and relaxation. Each child has his own little “nest”- a tented space with a mattress, a blanket and pillow from home and, if possible, a sheepskin. Children listen to a melody played on the lyre, or a soothing lullaby sung by the teacher. In this peaceful atmosphere, the children fall asleep or rest. Weather permitting, the oldest children (those preparing for the grade 1), walk to the park or go sledding before enjoying a little rest before their departure.

After the nap, everyone puts away his bed and we gather for Circle Time. The children chat, play a little singing game and say goodbye. Sometimes we will draw or do a little handcraft until parents arrive.

Children still present after 3:15 pm are brought to the Extended Day Program.

Extended Day Program (3-5 year olds) 3:15pm to 5:30pm

This program, for children from both the Pre-school and the Kindergarten, begins at 3:15pm. After the napping during the Afternoon Program, the children are rested and in good spirits. First, we prepare our snacks to be eaten together and we remain chatting at the table until everyone has finished. Next, we play outside in the courtyard until 5:00pm or a little later if the weather permits. Back inside, we offer time for free play and simple crafts (finger-knitting, making rope, etc.) until parents arrive. We maintain a similar rhythm each day so that children know what to expect and feel secure .