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Dear family,


Welcome to our “Urban gardening with the family” project, and thank you for contributing by purchasing an ERSM gardening container and the educational program that comes with it. Through this project, we want to bring the experience of soil, plants and nature to the children and families of our community. All this is possible in the city and thanks to the support of the school’s gardening specialists and other collaborators, we can teach these skills to our children.


Your contribution of $ 65 will be invested as follows by the parents’ committee of the school:

  • 25% is used to pay for the purchase of the bin and seedlings
  • 15% is used to finance the free seed distribution project to NDG families (June 2020)
  • 60% is used to finance the large urban garden project ERSM 2021 (May 2021)

What you get for your $ 65 contribution:

  • A recycled industrial wooden bin, custom-made in Montreal for this project
  • A plant of cherry tomatoes or Bernese Tomato or Boucbiologique horn
  • A Suyo Long organic cucumber plant, Japanese rustic variety
  • Organic dwarf bean seeds
  • Organic mesclun seeds
  • Organic radish seeds
  • Educational videos developed by the teacher of the ERSM gardening program as well as by parents and students. The purpose of these videos is to help you awaken your children to the principles of gardening and to support them in the maintenance of their urban garden throughout the hot season (about 2 videos per month from June to September). We will also welcome collaborators to enrich the content (school students, beekeepers, farmers).

  • Access to the project Facebook page and its community in order to share and ask your questions, which will be answered by our team and the community. (Invitation for the children to ask their questions themselves)

Deliveries and pickups will be coordinated from 3 locations in  NDG. On payment page, please select your delivery preference and we will do our best to accommodate it

  • Balcony delivery as soon as possible
  • Balcony delivery in the morning
  • Afternoon balcony delivery
  • Evening balcony delivery
  • Delivery according to your specifications

* The plants come from Cadet Roussel farms, where the ERSM’S 7th and 8th grade students learn to garden, as well as from Harmonia farm. All seeds and plants are organic in origine.



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