Parent Involvement

Parents play a significant role at École Rudolf Steiner de Montreal (ERSM).  Waldorf education is a social endeavor in which the administration, the teachers and the families commit to one common goal – the best possible education for our children.

In order to achieve this goal, we must all roll up our sleeves. In doing so, we create the warm; engaged and engaging community that makes ERSM so special.

Here are the some of the ways in which ERSM parents get involved in school life:

  • Working closely with the teacher and other parents to support classroom activities, challenges and outings
  • Attending workshops or lectures about various aspects of Waldorf education
  • Preparing food for and volunteering at community, pedagogical, and/or fund-raising activities and events
  • Pitching in when needed to make building or grounds improvements or to undertake translation, graphic design, etc.
  • Joining a committee

Parent attendance, for both the School and Jardin d’enfants ERSM, is necessary for the following:

  • First day of school
  • Class meetings (3-4 evenings per year)
  • Individual meetings with the teacher (1-2 times per year)
  • Lantern Walk (an evening in November)
  • General Meeting (2 evenings per year)

School parents only (grades 1-8):

  • Class presentations – (2 Saturdays per year in December and June)
  • Hemming of the eurythmy tunic during the summer

Jardin d’enfants ERSM parents only:

  • Prepare a snack for the class (2-3 times per year)
  • Do class laundry on a weekend (2-3 times per year)

School events requiring all parents, School and Jardin d’enfants ERSM, as volunteers:

  • Open House (a Saturday morning in October and February)
  • Christmas Fair (1st Saturday in December) and Spring Fair (1st Saturday in June) – contribute food for restaurant and volunteer at the event
  • Mardi Gras (February) costume and crêpe preparation

Parent volunteer hours vary depending on each family’s situation, however an average of 30 hours per family is critical to successfully sustain this vital community project.