ERSM is a French-speaking private school offering an alternative approach based on Waldorf education.

A Waldorf school is not like any other place of learning. With us, children are welcomed as they are.

The learning process takes place on a daily basis, with a keen awareness of the child’s need to move, experiment, touch and create.

"Our job is to develop free human beings capable of giving purpose and direction to their lives."

An educational alternative

While respecting the standards of the Quebec Ministry of Education, ERSM offers an alternative to the standard education system.

Its school plan is based on rigorous pedagogical concepts that have been tried and tested for over 100 years and are taught in more than 64 countries.

The site

In 2007, the ERSM acquired the old Fraser-Hickson Library, with designated building status (a building of exceptional heritage value).

This building, with its emphasis on stone and light, was transformed to serve the needs of a kindergarten (private daycare) and a school, for primary and junior high school students.

Cultivate a better world

ERSM’s mission is underpinned by 5 key values shared by all staff, parents and students. More than just words, they are deeply rooted in our actions, decisions and teachings. 

  • Caring
  • Inclusion
  • Gratitude
  • Responsibility
  • Respect

These values are part of a dream of social change: to create a better world for our children, who will be the adults of tomorrow. Here, HOW TO BE is valued and taught just as much as KNOW-HOW.

Nature in the heart of the city

Waldorf pedagogy focuses on time spent outdoors and contact with the elements of nature. Whatever the weather, the school prioritizes recess and sometimes outdoor lessons. The school grounds include a vegetable garden for gardening lessons, and play areas designed according to a natural concept.

École Rudolf Steiner de Montréal has a beehive, which it maintains in partnership with the urban beekeeping organization Alvéole, and actively practices composting. This compost is used by students in gardening classes and to maintain the vegetable garden.

Watch the beehive video

Watch the gardening video

Foire aux questions

Cultural diversity

AWSNA recommends that all accredited schools set up a Diversity and Inclusion Task Group. Made up of staff members and parents with a strong commitment to this issue, the group offers awareness-raising activities and ongoing training based on research on social justice issues.

On a daily basis, the entire staff is committed to making ERSM ever more welcoming to all.