The Children’s Garden educators are empathetic, caring and committed

Thanks to their specialized training in Steiner-Waldorf education, they are equipped to meet the needs of the children they work with through fluid, personalized intervention methods.

They plan their activities according to the individual and collective needs they perceive in their groups.

"Be for children the representatives of the good, the true and the beautiful. Children are attracted to truth, goodness and beauty simply because they are attracted to you."

Our full-time educators

Lee Lapaix


Aletéia Bofelli


Ingrid Llano


Gabrielle Lamontagne


Our administrative team

Sophie Brodeur

Interim Kindergarden Coordinator

Judith Langevin


Valérie Pelletier

Admissions coordinator

Satya Baril

Communications Manager

Michel Mercier

Financial controller / Business manager

Assistant Gardeners

Minori Kimura

Tiara Dos Santos

Nathalie Llancares

Nathalie Stevez

Kimiko Kitano

Thaïs Miranda

Reine Loukossi Baboutila

Yoshié Ikeda