“I’ve often been impressed by the great qualities I perceived in former Waldorf students. They all seemed to be lucid, versatile and had very broad interests. All showed respect for nature and for others… and a powerful creative force.”


– Excerpt from the book After Waldorf School: Alumni Stories

Waldorf graduates represent a wide range of backgrounds and destinies. RIWE (Research Institute for Waldorf Education) gathered responses from graduates of 120 Waldorf schools in North America to form a statistical portrait of common traits suggesting that Waldorf graduates:

  • Earn a bachelor’s degree or higher (88%)
  • Report that their Waldorf education influenced their own parenting (85%)
  • Believe more strongly, compared to students from other independent schools, that their education prepared them to: 
    • Be open-minded
    • Be creative and innovative
    • Empathize with others
    • Gain perspective and insight into situations, problems and life
    • Assume leadership roles


Source: How Waldorf alumni fare after graduating from high school

Alumni stories

Manuel Desrochers

Inventor Designer
Aqua Ovo President

“Free will and my ability to make choices were very much encouraged in my school years. Today, this gives me a great sense of freedom in what I do.”

Manuel Desrochers invites us to put water back at the heart of our concerns. Although water is a basic component of life, it is becoming increasingly polluted. Several years ago, when Manuel was already concerned about this degradation, no municipal measures seemed to be on the agenda. Exploring more immediate, practical solutions, Manuel developed Ovopur, a filtration system based on a natural process to purify and vitalize water. 

Ovoid in shape, it allows water to follow its natural gyratory motion, avoiding stagnation. Awarded two prizes at the Montreal Interior Design Show and two more by the marketing company involved in its commercialization, Ovopur is now known far beyond Quebec. International orders are pouring in for this object that combines aesthetics and ecology.

Excerpt from the book Parcours d’anciens élèves, by Julie Archambault

Natacha Crich

Criminal lawyer

“Sending your child to École Rudolf Steiner is one way of ensuring that he or she will enjoy school and want to stay there for a long time. Then, they can make the choices that are right for them.”

Magellan Charbonneau


McKinsey Strategic Analyst

“The multidisciplinarity that the school brought me gives me a greater perspective today.”

Marie-Noëlle Doucet Paquin


“École Rudolf Steiner de Mtl has helped give me confidence to take on anything.”

Zoé Brabant

Resident in Public Health and Preventive Medicine and Board Member of Médecins du Monde Canada

Before becoming a medical resident, Zoé Brabant worked as a nurse for Médecins du Monde in several countries and in Northern Quebec. Her work has taken her to Afghanistan, Haiti, Sri Lanka, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe and the borders of Syria. She has been a committed member of Médecins du Monde since 2003, and has sat on its Board of Directors since 2007.

In 2005, she published “Carnets de Zoé: une humanitaire en Afghanistan et en Iran”.

Uriel Vanchestein

Composer of music for film and television

From his earliest years, Uriel Vanchestein has channeled his passion through his clarinet, producing bewitching, controlled, powerful and, above all, lively music. 

Passionate and generous, Uriel is convinced that his first quality as a musician lies in contact with his audience. When he plays, he loves people and wants to make them happy! And they do him good: he has won several prizes, including the Geneva International Competition, the AudiMozart International Competition in Rovereto, Italy, and the Canadian Music Competition.

As a soloist and chamber musician, he also composes. His creations have been produced abroad.

Excerpt from the book “Parcours d’anciens élèves” by Julie Archambault

He now lives in Los Angeles, where he composes music for films such as the popular Netflix documentary series Chef’s Table and Street Food.