Waldorf teachers seek to instill a love of learning in every student. They are empathetic, caring and committed to each child throughout their school career.

Through lively, interactive lessons and activities, enthusiasm for learning, intellectual growth, self-esteem and social responsibility are awakened.

"Receive the child of the world from whence he came with gratitude, educate the child with love and lead him to true freedom. "

Our teachers

Thimotie Mota

1st grade

Agnieszka Piotrowska

2nd grade

Jasmine Hosein

3rd grade

Charlotte Gagné

4th grade

Chantal Pépin

5th grade

Francis Lapointe

7th grade

Janiève Beaulieu-Poulin

6th grade

Marie-Paule Roussel

1th grade

Our specialized teachers

Laure-Marie Gagnon

Movement and physical education

Aimé Bougie


Philippa Woolley


Marcela Guillen

Manual work

Marie-Paule Roussel

Manual labor and gardening

Julie Provencher

Francisation and music

Our administrative team

Judith Langevin


Valérie Pelletier

Admissions Coordinator

Vibha Patel


Satya Baril

Communications Manager

Michel Mercier

Financial controller / Business manager

Support staff

Andreia R. Malisia

Occupational therapist and support group coordinator

Véronik Bélanger

Art therapist

Thomas Lapointe-Missud

Psycho-social worker

Louisa Sylva

Educational support worker