In high school, ERSM offers children an educational project and a stimulating context for their learning and social development. Students approach each subject in a lively, holistic process, supported by the arts, which are taught as mediators to self-knowledge and knowledge of the program subjects.

A diversified experience

With its artistic, scientific, manual, athletics and entrepreneurial projects, ERSM offers a multidisciplinary program; no subject is offered as an option. ERSM offers an integrative, diversified and inclusive framework, and prioritizes experiential knowledge through all its projects. 

Joining the world

Grades 7 and 8

Students will be introduced to the great discoveries and inventions that marked the dawn of modern science. They will discover the world in relation to material and economic conditions.

The introduction of science through observation of basic phenomena is completed by the introduction of chemistry in grade 7 and biology in grade 8. Physics continues to unfold during these years, enabling teachers to integrate students’ experiences with their knowledge of human beings. For example, notions of optics are used to understand how the eye works.

In addition, the grade 8 play, which culminates the experiences of the class from grade 7 to 8, will promote the synthesis of the arts (speech, music, sets, costumes, etc.).