Resources and Useful Links

Coherence between life at the Children’s Garden and at home is essential to a child’s well-being.

Here are a few resources for parents who want to better understand the basics of the Steiner-Waldorf educational approach.

"Play is the only way to allow the highest human intelligence to unfold."


Gateway to learning

Working with hands:

To stimulate learning

Understanding the Ubiquity of Watercolor Throughout the Curriculum

An in-depth study of watercolor painting in the Waldorf curriculum, including beautiful examples. How to paint with different ages and levels, from preschool to high school.

Understanding the Art of Eurythmy 

Thanks to eurythmy, the author shows how the Waldorf program can become a full, colorful tapestry, full of life. The development of the child from preschool to primary and secondary school is at the forefront of his work, and forms the basis of all the exercises.