Discover the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the ERSM Children’s Garden in our video, at our open house on Saturday, February 3, 2023 from 10am to 2pm, in person or on a private tour.

Visit the Children’s Garden and discover the day’s schedule and educational program through the eyes of the gardeners and children.

Open House 2023

While respecting the standards of the Quebec Ministry of Education, ERSM offers an alternative to the standard education system.

Its school plan is based on rigorous pedagogical concepts that have been tried and tested for 100 years and are taught in over 70 countries.

Come and meet us

In 2007, the ERSM acquired the old Fraser-Hickson Library, with designated building status (a building of exceptional heritage value).

This building, with its emphasis on stone and light, was transformed to serve the needs of a kindergarten (private daycare) and a school, for primary and junior high school students.