ÉcolE RudolF Steiner de montréal

An alternative teaching method based on an approach that has proved its worth over the years.

Learning that goes far beyond knowledge

École Rudolf Steiner de Montréal offers an approach based on Waldorf education

While meeting the standards of the Quebec Ministry of Education, ERSM offers an alternative to the standard education system. A Waldorf school is not just another place of learning. 

With us, children are welcomed as they are. The learning process takes place on a daily basis with a keen awareness of the child’s need to move, experiment, touch and create. Caring for each child’s body, heart and soul helps to foster self-esteem, well-being, curiosity, and willingness as well as an interest in school and learning in general.

Respect for the child’s rhythm and stages of development are at the heart of the program, from early childhood through adolescence.

Primary and Secondary School

ERSM is a private French-language school located in the heart of Montreal’s Notre-Dame-de-Grâce (NDG) borough.

Founded in 1980, it was the first accredited Waldorf school in the province of Quebec. It welcomes elementary school and junior high school students.

Waldorf Daycare

The Children’s Garden of the École Rudolf Steiner de Montréal is a private daycare with 80 spots, accredited by the Ministère de la Famille.

Its educational program, based on Waldorf education, serves the child’s emotional, social, cognitive, language, physical and motor development.



The Association of Waldorf Schools of North America is a non-profit organization of independent Waldorf schools and institutes in Canada, the United States and Mexico. AWSNA’s mission is to support schools through regional collaboration, professional and resource development, accreditation, community awareness and advocacy.


WECAN works closely with its sister organization, AWSNA. WECAN's mission is to encourage a new cultural impetus for working with young children, from birth to age seven. WECAN is committed to nurturing childhood as the foundation for the renewal of human culture.

Gymnasium Financing

Don’t miss this opportunity to participate in the transformation of an old library into a dedicated sports facility! Our gymnasium will become an asset not only for our school but also for our neighborhood and community

The fundraising campaign will begin in February 2024 and will culminate with an inauguration ceremony in September 2024.

An educational alternative based on a proven approach


The link with nature is built every day through play, sports, class outings, hikes and gardening or farm projects. Our children spend a lot of time outdoors, rain or shine.


Storytelling, mythology, history, poetry and literature support the learning of academic subjects. Music, singing and drama are all part of the school plan.

Transforming Materials

In the classroom and workshops, students are engaged in modeling, drawing, painting, knitting, sewing and cooking. As the years go by, projects become more complex, to help develop age-appropriate motor skills.

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“The greatest thing that connects us to ERSM is the respect and preciousness given to childhood.

Our child has developed practical skills in an environment that has encouraged his creativity, his freedom to think and play, and his self-esteem.”

Catherine, Émile’s mother

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École Rudolf Steiner de Montréal

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École Rudolf Steiner de Montréal


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10 Janvier 2024